Discovering the power of God inside of you

Discovering the power of God inside of you

I Am the Absolute Essence, I Am Archi-natural,
Omniscient and Omnipresent, I Am the Universal Mind,
I Am the Original Cause, I Am the Omnipotent Father,
I Am Distinct and I Am the Whole, I Am Ambivalent.

I Am Outside and Inside, I Am Above and Below,



I Am the Whole and the Part, I Am that which encompasses all,
By being the Divine Essence, I also Reveal Myself Creation¹,

And I Breathe in My Work, being both the Whole and the Fraction.

I Am in your depths, always Maintaining you,
Since I Am your Existence, your Reason for Being,
And I Speak inside you as well as outside,
I Am in the brain and in the heart, because I Am the Lord.

Come, therefore, to My Temple, return hence to Me,

I Am in you and in Infinity, I Am the Beginning and I Am the End,
You are children of My Mind, you will always be gods,
And marching towards the Truth, you will crush your crosses.

Do not surrender to mysteries, enigmas, and rituals,

I want Truth and Virtue, not “isms” of any kind.
The Laws derive from Me, and when you have grown in them,

You will grow in My Facts, in order to have My Glories.

I do not Come and I do not Go, I Am the Eternal and the Present,

I Have always Been and Will always Be, in you, the Patent Divine Essence,

Your presence is in Me, and I Want it to be full and mature,

Above any simulations, glorifying in Me the Eternal Life.

Abandoning the retrograde and morbid teachings
That remind of idolatrous times and filthy paganisms,
Seek Me in the Inner Temple, in Virtue and Truth,
And united with Me you will have, in Me, Glory and Freedom.

I Have Always Been, I Am and Will Be in you the Source of Clemency,

Awaiting your Holiness, in Integral Consciousness,

Because I do not want forms and adulation, but conscious children,

Children who are My collaborators, by the Union of Our Minds.

So be it.

Note: Repeat this prayer (at least once) every day to awaken the God inside of you. The most important thing isn’t pray a lot but do it with faith. That’s enough.

– By Osvaldo Polidoro

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